Holistic health has been the standard of care for my family for years, and it wasn't until I was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils that I felt completely equipped and empowered to further care for my growing family's physical and emotional needs. I had used essential oils in my home for over a decade before I experienced the true quality difference in dōTERRA's products. Essential oils are a pure liquid extract from seeds, leaves, bark, and peel. They are steam-released or pressed from the actual plants. They are concentrated, fast acting, and quickly absorb into the skin and contain no additional processing, preservatives, or other additives.



There are few options when choosing to start purchasing your oils; You can purchase Retail (click here), you can become a Wholesale Customer (click here), or you can earn free products and commissions by becoming a Wellness Advocate (click here).

  • Opening a Wholesale account or becoming a Wellness Advocate instead of just a retail account will SAVE 25-55% on your purchases and earn free products. On top of that, as a Wellness Advocate you can also earn commissions!
  • To become a Wholesale customer or Wellness Advocate you pay a one time $35 fee, which can also be waved depending on your starter kit. 
  • There is no monthly obligation with a wholesale account.
  • The starter kits pictured above are the best way to enter your journey with essential oils.
  • I have an amazing support team ready to welcome you into our holistic journeys and provide you with all the education and resources you need whether it's for personal use or launching your own business with dōTERRA.