Some of my favorite essential oil supplies...

With so many options out there, I wanted to provide you with a go to list of my favorites we use daily in our house. 


Sally Organics Spray

I love these little bottles for mixing up blends for cuts and scrapes, aftersun soother, pillow misters, homemade wood cleaners, etc. 


Sally Organics Spray

These are a must have for mixing up your own chemical free cleaning supplies!

10 ML Roller Bottles

The best roller bottles I have found on the market for mixing your own blends. They come in super cute colors too! 

I love this diffuser because it can fill a room and run for up to 10 hours. And bonus, it's super easy to clean!

This is my go to book for everything. We use it daily in our house. 

Another must have book for learning more about which essential oils are most beneficial for the emotions you are wanting to let go of as well as welcome in. 


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