Holistic Journeys


I am Mom, Holistic Educator, Art Therapist and Artist supporting healthier lives by integrating a natural lifestyle reducing our daily chemical exposures with real food & essential oils. I am passionate about empowering my family and others to live healthy and thriving lives.

Embarking on a Holistic Journey is implementing core elements for obtaining optimal wellness, and you hold the power to live the life you desire!

Why a Holistic Journey?

Choosing to live a holistic lifestyle is to treat and care for your body from the inside out. As a licensed mental health counselor and registered art therapist I know how strong the gut/brain connection is and how our daily rituals & diet impact our emotional health and well-being. We hold the power by the foods we choose to fuel our bodies, the activity and ways we move our bodies, the quality of sleep we obtain, how we manage stress levels, and emotional health, and the care we take to rid our homes of excess toxins and the time we gift ourselves for restorative self-care.

I am here to help you and your family on their journey. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Contact me and let's plan a consultation to get you started.