Urban Retreat: Expressive Painting

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2017 Urban Retreats: Expressive Painting

Explore expressive painting and mixed media in an intuitive and process focused way that is healing, playful, and transformative.


Winter Retreat 1: January 28+29 (an amazing time to find yourself settling in to the new year and focusing in on wishes and intentions for the year to come).

Winter Retreat 2: February 25+26

Spring Retreat 3: March 18+19


Saturday 3-7:30pm

Sunday 10-5pm


Come let go and explore your inner canvas. The Urban Retreat will take place at Circle of Art Studios located in the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle, WA. Filling the studio with our expressive journeys, connecting with our inner canvas and collaborating with each other will transform and help you to reconnect with your creative spirit.

We will spend time painting in silence and listening to music. Building layer upon layer. Scraping and carving away at previous layers. Processing and sifting through inherent metaphors that are brought to light. Be prepared to let go and invite the unexpected to emerge during this rich and restorative workshop.


About the Retreat:

We will awaken our inner canvas painting throughout the workshop on a 24x24 canvas as well as create a soulful and intentional collage. The process of creating is in and of itself therapeutic. The process of painting from within can be transformative for many, often bringing to light parallel issues from what is coming up for them in their painting and what is happening in their everyday life. Perhaps feeling stuck and afraid to move forward or make mistakes on a canvas speaks volumes to how one experiences life on a day-to-day basis. This type of painting allows for one to try on new ways of being, explore, play, make mistakes, and take new risks. A beneficial practice for professional artists as well as those who haven't used art supplies since childhood. We will also be integrating mindfulness through witness writing to create a deeper connection to the process.

All materials will be included. At the end of the retreat you will have created two pieces that are filled with emotional content as well as a new approach to your art making experience. You will also have the opportunity to create an intention setting (motivate, tension release, joyful, balance, etc) essential oil mist and rollerball to take home, bringing the experience along with you. Saturday night we will end our session at a nearby Puget Sound beach releasing our fears and letting go of what is holding us back (driving access and beach parking make it accessible for everyone).

Some thoughtful words I have recently received about my classes

Kayla's studio is cheerful and welcoming, and she brings so much positive energy to class. I joined her Intuitive/Expressive Painting Series as a total novice; her encouragement to be curious and experiment with an open mind made it such a fantastic experience. Definitely recommended!


I so enjoy working with Kayla! I am on my 3rd intuitive painting class and I love the atmosphere and the setting and the freedom and encouragement to step out of my comfort zone in the world of painting.


Every time I leave Kayla’s studio I feel lighter on my feet.


Registration & Payment

Cost: Includes all materials and a nutritious snack each day. $350

A payment plan is available for the retreat. The final payment is due prior to the start of the retreat. A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at time of registration to secure your spot. Space is limited so register today to secure your spot.