Art Therapy With Kids & Teens


Is your child just not acting like themselves? Are they acting out in ways you've never seen before? Are they quietly keeping to themselves? Fighting with peers, siblings, parents? Is your family having more tough days than not?

It's scary and hard as a parent to see your child struggling. I am here to help and as a Art Therapist I am professionally trained to use art materials to help your child fill their "tool box" with helpful solutions and healthy ways to cope.

Art therapy breaks the barriers for children to express themselves without a dependency on words. Art therapy is a beneficial treatment for children struggling with anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, social skills, ADHD, autism, the loss of a loved one, divorce or separation of parents, and other life transitions. Creating art is a way to give image to the feelings allowing one to take a step back and separate themselves from the thoughts and experiences.

As an Art Therapist my job is to help children use different materials to communicate emotions not easily vocalized and help to create a trusting bond so we can work together and meet your child where they are. Allowing children to be in control of art supplies while creating something new is a powerful experience. A child that creates a mess out of art supplies may bring to life the confusion and undefined feeling of being of how they are feeling emotionally. Children can create their own storyboards, poems, plays or puppet shows to tell their stories from their perspective.

Every child has their own unique way to cope and express thoughts and emotions. Some children do not express emotions, some act out or regress in their natural behavior, and others become anxious. It is important to allow children to tell their story and also identify their own personal feelings surrounding the situation. Some children use art to tell stories and recreate images, while others choose to use art as a cathartic means to release stress and anxiety. Whichever way a child chooses to use art in their healing process the art inherently allows the individual to become an active participant in their healing process.

I am here to help guide your child in this process. We work collaboratively to help your child gain the tools they need to live the life they desire and deserve.

Family Art Therapy Session

Friends and families can also schedule private sessions to come together to process loss and grief, transitions, or reconnect as a family through art making. Said groups create memory boxes of loved ones who are no longer with them, paintings, vision boards, collages, masks, clay sculptures, tiles/stepping stones, and more.

$175 for 90 minute session, $50 for each 30 minutes after

Social Skills Group

Rolling Admission
Email for day/times and age groups
*Contact your insurance company for possible reimbursement

Navigating social skills can be challenging for many kids and adults and these groups will provide applicable tools using art materials in a safe and playful environment. In this group we will work on a variety of collaborative and individual art with an emphasis on social skills and learning to build relationships and connect with peers. Participants obtain hands on experience with implementing communication skills, cooperative play and compromise along with empathy, emotional self-awareness and impulse control helping to build confidence in their everyday life. We will create individual pieces, murals, sculptures, and storyboards using a wide range of art materials.

Email for dates and times for the after school group. The after school group will have rolling admission allowing kids to learn skills to join a group as well as welcome others into their already established groups.