Dreaming Awake: Intuitive Painting Retreats

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2018-2019 Dreaming Awake: Intuitive Painting Retreats

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Escape from everyday stressors and explore intuitive painting in an expressive and process focused way that is healing, playful, and transformative. Unlike most painting classes this retreat focuses on the process rather than the product allowing you to stay outside of judgement and critical thinking while freely reaching for colors and making various marks and creating textures. This style of painting encourages you to stay open to possibilities, live in the moment and remain curious along the way. 

Come let go and invite your inner canvas to emerge. Filling the studio with our expressive journeys, connecting with our inner canvas and collaborating with each other will transform and help you to reconnect with your creative spirit.

We will spend time painting in silence and listening to music. Building layer upon layer. Scraping and carving away at previous layers. Processing and sifting through inherent metaphors that are brought to light. Be prepared to let go and invite the unexpected to emerge during this rich and restorative workshop.

About the Retreat:

Reignite your creativity and passion! Do you have a longing to feel more alive and awaken every cell in your body? Do you yearn to clear your mind and be present in your daily life? Do you desire more connection with your core self and who you really are? Perhaps you have questions and aspirations swirling around inside you, searching for a fresh start, but you just don't know where to begin. Creativity is the ability to think and act beyond our current boundaries and living situations. To unlock our inner being and allow our natural self to open and flow allowing us a deeper connection with ourselves and others.  

We will awaken our inner canvas painting throughout the workshop on a stretched canvas as well as creating a soulful and intentional collage. The process of painting from within can be transformative for many, often bringing to light parallel issues from what is coming up for them in their painting and what is happening in their everyday life. Perhaps feeling stuck and afraid to move forward or make mistakes on a canvas speaks volumes to how one experiences life on a day-to-day basis. This type of painting allows for one to try on new ways of being, explore, play, make mistakes, and take new risks. A beneficial practice for professional artists as well as those who haven't used art supplies since childhood. We will also be integrating mindfulness through witness writing to create a deeper connection to the process.

At the end of the retreat you will have created works that are filled with emotional content as well as a new approach to your art making experience. You will also have the opportunity to have a private wellness consult which will include personalized essential oil blends to take home, bringing the experience along with you and furthering your connection to yourself. 


Design Your Own Retreat

Imagine intertwining art making, local culture, sightseeing, hiking, and other great outdoor activities in a creative package for your group of 5-10 people. Reach out to us about creating a custom adventure experience, perfectly crafted for your group's interests and preferences. Whether an inventive team-building opportunity for your business, a reunion or vacation with friends or family, let us help you design a memorable and restorative event. As a location independent business, we are eager to go where you desire. 

Some thoughtful words I have recently received about my classes...

Kayla's studio is cheerful and welcoming, and she brings so much positive energy to class. I joined her Intuitive/Expressive Painting Series as a total novice; her encouragement to be curious and experiment with an open mind made it such a fantastic experience. Definitely recommended!

I so enjoy working with Kayla! I am on my 3rd intuitive painting class and I love the atmosphere and the setting and the freedom and encouragement to step out of my comfort zone in the world of painting.

Every time I leave Kayla’s studio I feel lighter on my feet.

Kayla is AWESOME! Her studio is well set up, and she's got everything you need to express yourself on canvas. She showed us all sorts of interesting, creative ways to paint - textures, using utensils other than paint brushes, fun rollers that create patterns. She has boundless enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise, and is a wonderful teacher. Our family did the classes together, and we all had an amazing time. Highly recommended!